nothing more to say!

 “Shame on to the whole world for what you did in Afghanistan! Powerful men do what they know. They made their own decisions and destroyed everything we had built with great effort.” and “now there is nothing more to say!” With these words of Seraj Mahbouba on 16/8/2021, all women in the world witnessed a shocking day.


This statement is not a mere anger or rebellion against the policies and manoeuvres of the men who rule the world politics and who allow all kinds of bargaining and war for the sake of this rule. This is also an open call to the women of whole world to reconsider the struggle against patriarchy.


Women have been fighting for freedom and equality since the 17th century. We are familiar with the form of politics that was put into practice in the 21st century to dictate how we should live our lives today. Recently, we witnessed the so-called new patriarchal policies of the 21st century, which started in the Iraq War, through confiscating Yazidi women’s bodies and lives as the spoils of war, reducing them to men’s concubines and selling them as slaves and/or captives in the markets. And those most glorious politicians of the world have been silent! Today, the political manoeuvres which have been hided through silence have turned Afghan women to be condemned to live under the captivity of men who have seized the power. Seraj Mahbouba’s declaration of going back 200 years is a very important highlight when we consider the policies faced by women in the last 20 years. We, women, have been resisting for centuries against the policies that powerful men impose on women in accordance with their needs under the name of politics. Today, as Seraj Mahbouba puts it, we do not only question men’s policies that build a world which ignores women as a bargaining chip! We Women must reconstruct phases and processes of our struggle against patriarchy and its policies, and strengthen the bond between us like never before, wherever we are in the world. By resisting the sexist, exploitative and enslaving system established by patriarchy, we must implement the formations that will bring the women of the world together. To create an equal and free world, we must rebuild the system by taking over politics which covers all areas. We have a resistance that has not been broken by patriarchy for centuries. As long as women exist, we will continue to resist and struggle against the inequality that the patriarchal system has created and to which women are exposed. We are not alone, we are half the world and we cannot be stopped!